A Better Way Dog Training - Train your dog a better way!

At A Better Way Dog Training, we can help you train your dog to behave nicely and enhance your life with your family.

  • We stop dogs from pulling on the leash so that you don't get knocked down or covered in mud.
  • We teach your dog to come when you call so that he can accompany you outside the home.
  • We help your dog learn to control himself around people, food, and other dogs so you don't have to work at controlling him.
  • We show your dog that it's good to stay away from food on the dinner table so you do not lose your freshly grilled tenderloins on the counter when you turn your back.
  • We show your dog that grooming and veterinary work isn't so scary, so that your dog doesn't have to be wrestled to the ground for basic grooming and health care.
  • We help you with housetraining, mouthing, and other puppy behaviors.
  • The list goes on and on!

If you have already covered the basics, let's train your dog to do fun tricks to make your friends and family laugh! Or you can try some K9 Nosework/Scent Detection, or Competition Obedience or Rally sport to develop teamwork with your dog. We can coach you to title your dog in these sports! Or you can prepare to take the Canine Good Citizen test.

We offer a multitude of dog training services in the MetroWest Boston area to fit your needs, schedule, and goals. Whether you attend group classes or opt for private, customized in-home sessions, we can help you and your dog. 

Companion Dog Training services include:

  • Private behavior and/or obedience consults in your home.
  • Puppy Life Line - a new program to help you out when you get a puppy and suddenly realize you have NO idea how to care for him!
  • Group companion dog obedience classes, at four MetroWest facilities (Waltham, Sudbury, Wayland, and Acton - see "About Us" page for more information on training facilities)
  • Focused classes and workshops such as "Cooperative Care for the Vet's/Groomer's Office," "Impulse Control," etc.  (Here is Janice's dog Vindaloo, controlling *herself* in the face of great excitement.  She is listening for obedience commands before going nuts to chase a toy.)
  • "Just for Fun" classes such as Trick Dog classes. Here is Saju doing his newest trick. YES, your dog can learn to do these kinds of things, too!

      Scroll to the bottom of this page for a list of current class offerings and sites.

Competition or Sport Dog Training services include:

  • K9 Nosework (Scent Detection) - a GREAT sport for any breed that you can do anywhere, anytime. It helps boisterous dogs settle, gives bored dogs a job, gives fearful dogs a confidence boost, and gives you a fantastic bonding experience with your dog. (Here is Janice's dog Saju, searching an Exterior for two hides of his target odors.) Janice's students are also doing very well, earning titles in NACSW, PSD, USCSS and AKC competition venues.

  • Group classes for Competition Obedience and Rally. Here is an example of Rally obedience (Janice and her dog Saju competing in WCRL Rally Level 2, where Saju earned his 2nd Award of Excellence. He recently earned the Award of Excellence at Rally Level 3, with 3 perfect scores. Janice understands how to train and coach for high-performance in Rally and Obedience!

  • We can train/title your dog for you in competition obedience, Rally, or K9 Nosework. Contact us for more information.

Janice's dog, D'Vindaloo de Coup Fatal, NW3, NW3-V, NW3-C, NW3-E, L1C, L1E, SDA,TKP, doing K9 Nosework/Scent Detection in an NACSW Nosework trial. Here, she found the hidden odor and was telling Janice about it.

Some of Janice's students are enjoying competing and titling in the NACSW, AKC, PSD, and USCSS venues. Other students don't compete at all. They just love searching with their dogs out and about or at home. Come and join in the fun that all your friends are having with their dogs!

Here is a video for an example of Jan's dog, Vindaloo, finding 2 hides in an NW2-level search at an official NACSW trial. (National Association of Canine Scent Work). She ignored 2 hidden distractions in those containers to find the ones with her trained odors.

To Join a Class or Inquire About Private Services
Contact Us today to schedule a session or to learn more about our services.

Ask about our special in-home, customized private training lesson packages!

Email: jritter3@verizon.net
Telephone: 978-973-1253
Facebook: A Better Way Dog Training, with Janice Ritter

                        Janice Ritter and her dog, ARCH D'Saju du Loups du Soleil,
                                NW3x2, NW3-C, NW3-E, NW3-V, NW3-I, SDA,
                                         CD-C, RL3-AOE, RI, CSAU, TKP

In 2019, Saju (photo, above) earned his 2nd NACSW NW3! He is already on his way to finishing his AKC Rally Advanced title (2 first place, so far), and his AKC Novice title (first leg was 199 pts/first place/tied for High in Trial!)

In 2018, he earned his WCRL ARCH (All Rally Championship),WCRL Rally Level 3 title (with 3 perfect scores and the Award of Excellence), qualified for the AKC Rally Championships (for 2017 and 2018), earned his CDSP Starter Novice obedience title (scores were 199, 200, 199.5, all First Place), and CDSP Novice obedience title (scores of 200, 199, 199.5, all First place), his AKC Rally Intermediate title (First Place for all 3 legs), and he aced his AKC Trick Dog Performer title. For 2018, he ranked 1st in the nation in CDSP Starter-Novice, and 2nd in the nation in CDSP Novice. With just one leg towards his Open title, he was ranked 10th in the nation in CDSP Open. He was also ranked 3rd in the nation in WCRL Rally at the RL2 level in 2017.

In 2018, Vindaloo earned the coveted NACSW NW3 title on her 2nd try, and nailed her AKC Trick Dog Performer title easily. She also finished her PSD Overall Scent Dog Advanced title. She has won or placed in most of the scent detection activities in which she has competed! Vindi will be competing in more Nosework later in 2019.

Spring Session, 2019 classes.

Waltham facility:
Classes are held at our Waltham location, at 240 Beaver Street, the UMass building.  

Class Fees:
Tuition is $150 for 6 weeks of class, payable before or on the first day of class.  Discounts for multiple dogs or classes are noted below. Some classes offer a drop-in option, noted per class.

Mondays, starting 5/13/19:
10 a.m.  Advanced Tricks! (Pre-Req: AKC or DMWYD Intermediate title or trick level.)
11 a.m.  Competition Obedience/Rally: Beginners and Novice (Pre-Req -
              Basic obedience, dog is safe around other dogs) On-going - contact
              instructor for more information.
12 p.m.  Continuing Nosework, NW2/Advanced, all odors. FULL!
              (Pre-req: Dog must be on all 3 competition odors and work at NW1 level.)

Mondays, starting 5/20/19:
  1 p.m.   Novice Tricks! (Pre-req: your dog is ok around other dogs) NEW!
Fridays, starting 5/24/19
11:30 am  Targeting Odor: Exteriors and Vehicles (Pre-req: Intro to Odor)
12:30 pm  Nosework, Novice/NW1 and Advanced/NW2 level, skill-building.
                (Pre-req: Dog on 3 all odors.)  FULL

Fridays, starting 5/17/19
  1:30 pm  Intro to Nosework (Pre-req - your dog likes food and/or toys!) NEW!
Note: Nosework classes are taught with NACSW, PSD, USCSS, and AKC trial rules in mind.

Discounts for Waltham classes (only):
Sign up for 2 or more different classes yourself (same or different dogs) in the same session and your tuition drops to $135/each class. That is a $30+ savings!
If you recommend us to one friend who signs up for any class in the same session as you, your class tuition for that session is $125 instead of $150! That is a $25 savings!
If you recommend us to two friends who both sign up for any classes in the same session as you, your class tuition for that session is $75, which is 50% off!

Sudbury, Wayland and Acton at Loyal Companion:

Janice teaches pet obedience classes at Loyal Companion in Sudbury in the evenings, and in Wayland and Acton during the days:

We run classes for each of the following age groups:
   *  Puppy Prodigies (for puppies younger than 5 months)
   *  Teen (puppies 5-9 months)
   *  Mature Manners (for dogs 9 months and older with no prior obedience work) 
   *  Fun Agility! Contact Loyal Companion for more information. (Sudbury only)

The classes for the 3 age groups are as follows:
Level 1 - Learning to Speak Dog (for each age group) - Building Blocks
Level 2 - Practice Makes Perfect - removing lures and prompts, and learning
              new skills beyond the basics, too!
Level 3 - The Three D's: Distance, Duration, Distraction - Training for
              good, reliable pet behaviors using the Level 1 and 2 building blocks. This is
              where your dog learns to work with distractions, hold stays, and come
              when called more reliably from further away.
Level 4 - Put It To The Test - for all age groups. Training your dog for behaviors
              that prove he is a Canine Good Citizen! You can attempt the CGC test
              offered by the AKC once you master the training in this class.
We also offer 2-4 week workshops in Loose-Leash Walking, Impulse Control, Jumping Up, Rehomed Rovers (rescue dogs), Recall (Come When Called), and Tricks.

Call the respective store for schedules and class offerings. Store information is on this

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